10 Best Inshore Saltwater Spinning Reel- 2020 Review

Fishing is just one of those hobbies: either you  like it or you haven’t tried it yet. Ok, maybe you tried it but you didn’t catch anything. Fishing is an addictive outdoor sports. Once if you get true essence of fishing, you will get addicted to fishing.

But, for your hobby, you have to have the right equipment. We have reviewed 10 best inshore saltwater spinning reels and  made a comprehensive buying guide along with frequently asked questions regarding saltwater spinning reel. 

Top Inshore Saltwater Spinning Reel

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1. KastKing Royale Legendary Bait Fishing Reel​

KastKing Royale Legend/Whitemax

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We have tested many fishing reels, but this model gets special attention. KastKing spinning reels come in an affordable price range but provides value for money. KastKing Royale Legend comes as a top of our review list.

For beginners, you would get more than you could expect in a spinning reel at such an affordable price point. Sometimes I wonder, how do they make money selling in a such price range. A highly recommended saltwater spinning reel for you.

You would get surprised when you first receive the spinning reel. The sophisticated design will fool someone that it might cost a few hundred bucks.

The body is made of high-quality materials and its stainless steel handle is padded with non-slip foam to never miss a grip. It can handle 17.5 lbs of fish and has a fast 7.0: 1 brass gear ratio that is virtually silent when you wind it.

It is specially designed for saltwater provided that it is thoroughly cleaned after each use. Its carrying capacity is suitable for bass fishing, trout, ice fishing, and many others. With a capacity of 17.5 lbs, you will not need a larger reel unless you are fishing for sharks or something similar.

People love this reel. After its release, it quickly became a best seller on Amazon and was reviewed by tons of YouTubers and bloggers. It becomes so popular for its affordability and better quality.

If you are looking for an inexpensive reel to attract bait, then this is one of the best options for you. In addition, it has the weight capacity and the quality to be always pleasant when you take fishing seriously.


  • Bait dispensing reel
  • 17.5 lb capacity
  • Reduction ratio 7.0: 1
  • Suitable for bass, trout, & fishing; ice fishing
  • Weighs 7.5 ounces


  • Brand                  KastKing
  • Model                 KK-RS1000H
  • Device  weight   7.7 ounces


  • An affordable, high-quality option for baitcasting.
  • The large weight capacity means you can catch trophy fish.
  • Available in right and left handed versions.


  • Not as easy to use as the reels, so it’s not great for beginners

2. KastKing Centron 3000 Rotary fishing reel

KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels

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It appeared on the market a few years ago and people didn’t really know much about it. Most people would not feel comfortable fishing for big fish with a $ 20 reel. Until now.

They have an amazing YouTube video called “What Did You Expect For $ 20?” that makes you think it’s going to be a pretty stinking review Then the fisherman catches about four large fish, including a beautiful rainbow trout.

It’s great advertising because it shows that this reel can handle just about anything you can throw at it.

Surprisingly, Centron 3000 has a braking power of 17.5lbs, the same as the KastKing Royale Legend. This is paired with a hardened main shaft, a mesh drive gear and a precision-machined sprocket that gives you all the power you need to fight these fish.

It is also light enough for a spinning reel, weighing only 9.1 ounces. Thanks to the narrow design of the graphite frame, which also makes it look pretty cool.

Speaking of looks, it has a fantastic black and blue color scheme that is amazing on any rod. This is just another affordable and surprisingly strong reel from KastKing. You will not find a better reel for this kind of price.


  • Fishing reel
  • 17.5 lb capacity
  • Weighs 9.1 ounces
  • Suitable for freshwater fishing


  • Brand                  KastKing
  • Device weight    12 ounces


  • One of the best low budget spinning reels available.
  • High weight capacity and lightweight design.


  • Not suitable for saltwater fishing.

3. KastKing Sharky III Fishing reel

KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel

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Sharky III is the last KastKing to appear on this list, but it is not the least. In fact, it is by far the most robust of the three KastKing reels.

It has a huge capacity of 39.5lbs, perfect for chasing these larger fish. As they say in the description of their product, he is a “truly versatile warrior who can handle any monster from the river to the ocean”. The Sharky 3 could be the perfect reel for you if you are chasing monsters.

With this reel, KastKing has had the luxury of experience. It’s the 3rd generation Sharky reel, which means they’ve had a few years to really improve the design.

This enhancement comes in the form of a three-carbon fiber disc drag, an oversized main shaft, and a more robust manganese brass sprocket to give you a lot of power against these monster fish. In addition, everything has been sealed with KISSS, which is KastKing’s water-repellent design that helps keep water and dirt out.

It also means it is suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing. A huge plus if you like to mix it up every now and then.

There are lots of amazing features we could talk about Sharky 3, but, in summary, it’s one of the strongest and most efficient reels for the money. It’s super versatile, but it’s still quite affordable.


  • Fishing reel
  • 39.5 lb capacity
  • Weighs 9.1 ounces
  • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing


  • Brand                      KastKing
  • Device weight       13 ounces


  • One of the strongest and most versatile reels on the market.
  • This is the third generation of KastKing Sharky, so a lot of the flaws have been fixed.


  • Some complaints of uneven line recovery.

4. Wind grain level of Penn 30LW

Penn Squall LevelWind

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The Penn Squall Level Wind is the successor of the popular Penn GT series. GT reels have always existed and have always been considered one of the best trolling reels. So you can expect it to be even better.

Trolling reels are designed to be used on a moving boat and can be used to catch absolute monster fish. The 30LW, which is the reel we are looking at, has a weight capacity of 30 lbs and can handle a line of 370yd. This gives you plenty of room to hunt for huge fish in saltwater conditions.

The frame and side plates are made of graphite to make it light, while the main gear is made of marine grade bronze alloy. The quality of this reel is one of the first things you will notice, it is in a different class from most of the reels on this list. 

But again, you have to pay for this kind of quality. With almost $ 130, it is one of the most expensive fishing reels on the market and it was a strong competitor to be our Premium Choice product (which narrowly lacked the Shimano Stradic HG).

One of the coolest features of the Squall Level Wind is the Versa Handle system. It allows you to quickly and easily adjust the handle according to the situation.

These small improvements and innovations that make this Penn reel one of the best fishing reels on the market. It is an easy choice if you like saltwater trolling. Our handy guide to the best tacking boxes showcases other great products like this.


  • Trolling reel
  • 370yd / 30lb capacity
  • Weighs 20.9 ounces
  • Suitable for saltwater fishing


  • Brand             Penn
  • Model             SQL30LW
  • Weight           1.9 lbs


  • Made from high quality materials.
  • One of the best trolling reels in the area.


  • Heavy compared to bait reels of similar capacity.

5. Daiwa BG 2000 Spinning reel

Daiwa BG 2000 Spinning reel

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Daiwa is not the best known fishing equipment company, but it has been making reels since 1955, so it knows what it is doing. The Daiwa BG is their flagship saltwater spinning reel and one of the best in the area. 

There is a whole range of sizes from 1500 to 8000, so when you buy one, you really need to know what you’re looking for.

All BG reels are delivered in a black anodized and machined aluminum housing. Not only does this make the reel fantastic, but it is also very scratch resistant. There is nothing worse than buying a new spool and scraping it out of the box, but that won’t be a problem here.

One of the main features of the BG series is the oversized Digigear. It’s one of the biggest gears in any reel, and it gives you a huge amount of power when you turn it on.

This is complemented by other amazing mechanisms, such as the ABS spool and waterproof drag, which makes easiest and most efficient reels on the market. Find other great products like this by checking out our guide to the best portable fish finders.


  • Fishing reel
  • 135yd / 6lb capacity
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces
  • Suitable for saltwater fishing


  • Brand                    Daiwa
  • Device weight      2.45 pounds


  • The pouring and the recovery are super soft.
  • Easy to use and offers amazing starting power.


  • A certain inconsistency in the quality of the products.

6. Okuma Ceymar lightweight hose reel C-10

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

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The Okuma Ceymar range is one of the most complete groups of reels. The C-10, which we focus on in this review, is a lightweight reel perfect for fishing for trout, sunfish, small perch and many other large small fish. 

It has a capacity of 110yd / 4lb, which means that it must be paired with an ultra light fishing rod for maximum effect. This will give you a fantastic configuration that will not overload the fish you are trying to catch.

The corrosion resistant body design means that it is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, but due to its size it is significantly more suitable for freshwater. It has a fantastic 8-bearing drive system and an elliptical gear, which allows it to deliver smooth performance.

It is very easy to discard and recover. That and the fact that it is fairly affordable makes the Okuma Ceymar Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel C-10 one of the best options on this list for newcomers to fishing. Be sure to also check out our guide to the best ice fishing shelters, for other great products like this.


  • Fishing reel
  • 110yd / 4lb capacity
  • Weighs 8 ounces
  • Suitable for fishing for small fish


  • Brand                    okuma
  • Model                    C-10
  • Device weight      8 ounces


  • Affordable, high quality and smooth spinning reel.
  • Excellent for beginners or intermediates who fish small fish.


  • Not particularly durable, it does not resist falling on a hard surface.

7. SHIMANO STRADIC HG, 1000 Freshwater Fishing Reel

SHIMANO STRADIC HG, 1000 Freshwater Fishing Reel

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Shimano is probably best known for making bicycle components, but they use this technology to make some of the best fishing reels in the area. The Stradic has been around for a while and has gained popularity with both amateur and professional anglers. 

We chose it as our Premium choice because it is one of the best spinning reels on the market. Reels tend to be cheaper than their bait and trolling counterparts, but this one costs well over $ 100, so you’re going to have to be very serious about your fishing if you are considering one.

They are available in sizes from 1,000 to 5,000, with the larger models asking for an even higher price. But you get serious coil technology for that. It is equipped with a transmission and a Hagane body, which makes it robust and extremely stable. 

Then there is the Dyna-balance rotor and the Fluidrive II system, which provide incredibly smooth launch and recovery. This, combined with the amazing construction of Shimano, makes it the smoothest, most durable and most reliable reel on this list. If you fish at night, check out our guide to the best underwater fishing lights.


  • Fishing reel
  • Maximum drag – 7-24lbs
  • Weighs 6.9 ounces
  • Gear ratio 6.0: 1
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing


  • Brand                   SHIMANO


  • Extremely smooth and regular pouring and recovery.
  • Very durable.


  • Much more expensive than similar spinning reels.

8. Zebco 33 Authentic pin reel

Zebco 33 Authentic pin reel

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Our Best Value product in this list had to be the Zebco 33 Authentic Spincast Reel. At less than $ 20, it really can’t be beat on value, even by KastKing coils. However, it should be mentioned that this reel is not suitable for monster fish. 

It is really designed for small bait, small fish and even small fishermen. There aren’t a lot of bad reviews from Amazon for this product, but the ones you find are usually people trying to use this coil for something it was not designed to do.

It has a surprisingly durable all-metal body that holds the gear. With a gear ratio of 4.1: 1, it will take a little while to pull these fish, but the action is soft and relatively easy to use. The line is delivered pre-wound and has a capacity of 10 lbs. It’s a great spincast reel to start with. 

If you are a serious fisherman looking to catch impressive fish, this is not for you, but it is a great option if you are starting to fish or want to try to get your kids out.


  • Pin reel
  • Gear ratio 4.1: 1
  • Suitable for fishing for small fish
  • Pre-wound with a 10 lb line


  • Brand                   Zebco
  • Model                  33K.10C.BX6
  • Device weight    1 pound


  • Excellent pinwheel reel for beginners and young fishermen.
  • Comes pre-wound with a 10 lb line.


  • Not strong enough for serious fishing.

9. Pflueger President PRES10SCX Spincast Fishing Reel

Pflueger President PRES10SCX Spincast Fishing Reel

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If you are looking for a spincast reel, but want something a little more robust, then the Pflueger President is a great option. Pinwheel reels have long had the reputation of being mere toys for children, but advances in technology have made them a real option for serious fishermen. 

They are so easy to use that they make fishing an absolute pleasure, the only problem is that they are not particularly durable. Most of them are not. The Pflueger President, with its aluminum frame and two titanium shafts, is the exception.

This model has a 3.8: 1 gear ratio, which is a bit faster than the smaller options, but isn’t going to win any price for speed. That said, it’s not particularly slow either and the recovery is quite gentle and silent. The soft grip rubber button makes the winding pleasant and comfortable and the aluminum parts keep the weight at an acceptable level of 11.2 ounces. 

It’s definitely more robust than the Zebco spincast reel, but it’s still not good for big game fishing. We highly recommend it for beginners and children. So put on your fishing shoes and hit the road!


  • Pin reel
  • Gear ratio 3.8: 1
  • Suitable for fishing for small fish
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces


  • Brand                  Pflueger
  • Model                 PRES10SCX
  • Device weight   13.1 ounces


  • Excellent pinwheel reel for beginners and young fishermen.
  • Slightly more robust than the Zebco.


  • For that price, you could get a spinning reel, which makes it a difficult choice.

10.SHA40 Burning Shark Trolling Reel

SHA40 Burning Shark Trolling Reel

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Now back to a fishing reel with a little more muscle. The Burning Shark Trolling Reel has been designed for sea fishing. You can target groupers, bass and salmon and have a bit of power to spare. It has a line capacity of 430 yds / 20lbs or 320 yds / 25lbs, which makes it perfect for deep sea fishing.

Everything about the construction is of high quality and is made of aluminum or stainless steel. Even the handle is made of metal and not rubber like most spools, which is really a matter of preference as it could become slippery if wet. The CNC aluminum coil allows for smooth casting and recovery that you can barely hear.

For that price, it has to be one of the best trolling reels on the high seas. You could pay a little more and get something from Shimano or Penn, but it’s really a personal preference. This reel will definitely do the job.


  • Trolling reel
  • Gear ratio 4.1: 1
  • Suitable for deep sea fishing
  • Line capacity: 430 yds / 20lbs or 320yds / 25lbs


  • Brand        Burning Shark
  • Weight      1.7 lbs
  • An affordable option for deep sea fishing and trolling.
  • It can attack large fish.
  • There are not many customer reviews available online.


  • An affordable option for deep sea fishing and trolling.
  • It can attack large fish.


  • There are not many customer reviews available online.

Fishing reel buying guide and FAQ

In this section, we will explain how we chose the ten best fishing reels, what you should watch out for and answer all your questions.

How we choose our selection of fishing reels

Brand – Fishing is a huge global sport. It is also one of the most popular pastimes and that means there is a lot of competition between different companies. 

They all want fishermen to buy their equipment. This is why you will see many of the same brands over and over again. Whether it’s Penn, KastKing or Shimano, they all have their own fishing pedigree. 

We don’t think brand is the most important thing to consider when buying a fishing reel, but if you are buying from a well-known and respected fishing brand, you can be sure that you are buying a quality product.

Critics – When it comes to fishing, people really care about their gear. If they buy a product they are not happy with, you can bet they will go online to tell the world. Likewise, if they fall in love with a new reel, they will want everyone to know. 

Whether in the reviews section of Amazon or in a personal blog, this is a unique opportunity to hear the opinion of hundreds of fishermen. This helps us find the best equipment there is. 

We are also examining professional fishing reel reviews to see if they have found any interesting features and benefits that we have not found.

Price – Fishing equipment can get expensive. You can spend $ 500 on a reel if you want, but we know not everyone has that kind of budget. So we are trying to include a range of different coils at different prices. 

If you are just starting your journey to becoming a professional fisherman, there is no need to throw a few hundred dollars on a new reel. You probably just want something simple and high quality to get started. 

On the other hand, the most experienced fishermen among you are going to be looking for a more robust kit. We hope to have included something for everyone in this list.

Quality – Quality is paramount when it comes to finding the right fishing gear. When you have that elusive grip at the end of your line, you really don’t want your gear to let you down. 

He must be able to perform every time. All the material we choose from our buying guides is really of high quality.

Characteristics to look for in fishing reels

Design – Once you have shopped around and researched different fishing reels, you will begin to notice that they are all quite similar. 

In terms of design, the reels are all based on a few key components: the handle, the spool, the drag button, the bailer, the gearbox and the body. Sure, there are slight variations, and you’ll notice a big difference when you start looking at the different types of fishing reels.

Size – The size of the spool really depends on the use for which it is intended. When you look at the description of a fishing reel, you will see how much weight it can support when the line is at a certain distance (for example 280 years, 17 pounds). 

This should give you a pretty good idea of ​​the type of fish you can catch with this fish. With spinning reels, the larger the line capacity and the weight capacity, the larger the reel. Baitcast reels are lighter but can handle larger lines and heavier weights, which is why they are much more expensive.

Weight – Remember, you’re going to have to sit all day with this thing in your hand, so you really don’t want something that’s too heavy. 

In addition, when you catch a fish, you have not only your reel, but also the weight and resistance of a fish at the end. If you are just starting to fish, a light line is essential.

Handle – When a fish bites and you have to grab the handle and roll it up, you don’t want your hand to slip. Make sure that the fishing rod you choose has a grip and ergonomic grip that will allow you to pull these fish easily.

Durability – Fishing reels are designed to be used repeatedly. You don’t throw them out after every fishing trip, so you want something durable. Durable fishing reels are made from high quality materials that are impact resistant.

Trail – The trail of your fishing reel allows you to release some tension when a fish bites and prevents the line to break. You must adjust your drag at the start of a fishing trip depending on the capacity of your reel and the size of the fish you are fishing.

Types of fishing reels

Right or left handed – This question is not as simple as it seems. You might think it makes sense to have a right-handed fishing reel if you’re right-handed, but in fact it’s easier to use a left-handed reel. This is because you are throwing with your right hand and you immediately start shaking with your left hand. 

This gives you more control and power because the rod is still in your right hand. If you choose a right-handed reel, you will need to transfer the rod to your left hand before starting to wind. Obviously, the opposite is true for left-handers.

Reel fishing  The fishing reel is the most common type of reel. Many of the coils on this list are spinning coils. They can fish everything from small fish to monsters, but they are often heavy and large. That said, they are much cheaper than bait reels. If you’re just starting to fish, you probably want a reel.

Spincast Reel – Spincast reels are sort of like the midpoint between the other main types. They are similar to fishing reels except that you control the line with a button and sit on top of the rod, like a bait reel. They’re easy to use, but they’re not as durable as fishing reels or bait reels.

Bait reel – This reel is smaller and lighter, but can hold heavier fish and longer lines. This makes them perfect for fishing big fish but also very expensive. You will notice the difference because they are mounted above the rod.

Trolling reel  These reels work the same as a bait fishing reel, except that they are designed to be used for trolling at sea. This means you can launch your line the back of a moving boat and catch fish that way.

10 Best Saltwater Spinning Reel

Fishing Reel FAQs

Are the fishing reels provided with a fishing line?

Generally, you will need to purchase your fishing line and reel separately. It is important to purchase the correct type of line for the coil you have chosen, so be sure to refer to the user manual or type the question into Google before purchasing a line.

How often should I clean my fishing reel?

There is no hard and fast rule as to how often you should clean your fishing reel. As with any piece of equipment with moving parts, it is important to clean and oil regularly, but it depends on how you use it. If you think it needs to be cleaned, clean it.

What are the different types of fishing reels?

The three main types are spinning, spincast and baitcast. See the section above for a more detailed explanation.

What is the difference between the gear ratios of fishing gear on reels?

The reduction ratios are established as follows: 4.9: 1. The number before the colon corresponds to the number of spool rotations each turn of the handle. Thus, the larger the number, the faster the line will be retrieved.

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