Best Kitchen Knives Under 100- Review and Editors Pick in 2021

We all want to have fancy professional knives in our kitchen. But, for day to day use, expensive kitchen knives are not practical enough. The expensive Knives may look attractive, but we would recommend choosing some good knives on a budget. 

Luckily, now we have plenty of options for kitchen knives. Knife under 100 bucks will offer you a good deal, especially if you know which knives will work best for your kitchen. 

We listed a few of our favourite and best Kitchen Knives Under 100 bucks available on the market. A comprehensive buying guide added after review to make a better buying decision. 

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Best Kitchen Knives Under $100

Miyabi Morimoto Edition Chef’s Knife

Miyabi Morimoto Edition Chef's Knife

In our review list, Miyabi comes into our first of our knife review recommendations. Surprisingly, such a well-known knife manufacturing company offers a kitchen knife at this price point. Japanese knives have a reputation for being sharp and sturdy. 

The extra durable thin blade is used in this Knife. If you simply know how to hold a knife, you will start loving the Knife. At first glance, it may seem extra long, but after a few tries, you will feel it comfortable. 

Shape blade cuts almost anything with precession. You will never feel any discomfort during your use. If you consider the price, it will come to the top of the recommendation list. 

The blade of this Knife is such a shape; you need to handle it with caution. Otherwise, it may bleed you. Cutting vegetables or meat will be a breeze for you. All of your meat slices will be well proportionate. 

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Mac Knife Series Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife

Mac Knife Series Hollow Edge Chef's Knife

I have a friend who has always been a fan of German knives. She has almost 15 years of experience using German knives. Recently, she thought of a Mac knife to give a try. She is impressed with the Mac knife in this price range. 

The knife is sharp enough to cut any vegetables with hardly holding the knife. It is lightweight and comfortable to use. The excellent looking knife will give you good company in the kitchen. 

I have seen some knives are sharp but not lightweight, doesn’t feel comfortable to use. But, with this knife, you can’t complain a bit. One thing for sure, I can say, you will never regret buying it. It can perform massive kitchen works also. So, irrespective of your family size, small to medium, it can be your great friend in the kitchen. 

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Global G-4-7 inch Chef’s Knife

Global G-4-7 inch Chef's Knife

If you never used a Global knife, you will never understand why people are so biased about this KnifeKnife. Global KnifeKnife made a decent fight against all the well-known knife brands such as Wusthof. 

Like a knife, it should be freaking sharp. Global KnifeKnife will never disappoint you. The shape of the KnifeKnife is highly satisfying. Unlike other knives, it doesn’t become blunt after a few weeks of use. 

It can take heavy pressure. You can never complain about this KnifeKnife considering the price range. You will get a better grip in holding the KnifeKnife. The KnifeKnife itself is lightweight. I would especially recommend this KnifeKnife, who works in the kitchen for an extended period. 

It doesn’t require much after maintenance. Although, it is advisable to use a knife sharpener after a certain period. Once you buy it, the KnifeKnife is durable; forget buying another knife for an extended period. 

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As far as knife design is concerned, it will undoubtedly be the number one choice. The knife looks incredible and elegant looking sharp knife in a budget segment. This knife is the choice for all of your home cooking. 

A chef would also not mind working with this knife. I know the price doesn’t indicate that it’s a professional knife. But the in-hand experience doesn’t feel cheap at all. 

One thing I especially feel to mention, this knife not only provides a great knife but also excellent after-sales customer support. You will get a swift response from them if you face any issues. This makes the knife brand unique from other knife manufacturing companies. 

It can cut virtually everything in your kitchen. You don’t need to use different knives for different things. One of my friends said she hadn’t sharpened her knife after two months of use. 

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Shun Sora Chef’s Knife

Shun Sora Chef's Knife

People have somewhat mixed feelings about this knife. Some people liked the knife, but some people have many complaints. From my personal user experience, I haven’t found any issues during usage. 

I tried to discover why people are some are positive, while some are negative. One of my neighbours said she thought people are careless and don’t take proper knives; it causes rusting. It might be the reason some people are mad about this knife. 

The knife is sharp and the best knife under $100 to me. The knife handle is easy and comfortable to use. The blade may seem a bit bulky and uncomfortable for an extended period of use. The knife is extremely durable. If you want to get a Japanese knife for under 100 dollars, it would be a great choice. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Knife: 

What is a kitchen knife?

Usually, a kitchen knife is considered a sharp tool to cut various things such as vegetables, meat, and other cooking ingredients. 

There are many different kitchen knives available on the market to serve the purposes. We segregated kitchen knives into four different categories:

  • For peel vegetables and fruits
  • The chief professional knife (Normally use for many purposes)
  • The one for cutting fish
  • The professional knife for cutting meat

There are many other kitchen knives available, but skip to keep the list simple to understand. In our kitchen, a knife is one of the essential kitchen tools.

What are the best kitchen knives?

You have to consider a few key factors to remember before deciding which are the best kitchen knives. The best kitchen knives don’t mean how is the blade quality only. Some other important factors, such as: 

  • Does it provide value for money?
  • How hard does it to sharpen
  • The blade materials
  • The weight and aesthetic appeal of the knife

Although your purpose is an important indicator to choose the type of knife you need in your kitchen. But, usually, Japanese knives are considered the best knife around the world. 

Suppose you have relatively little idea about the knife industry. I am going to explain why Japanese knives are the best. Japanese knives are lightweight and rigid compared to their western counterpart. 

As you will be spending a significant amount of time in your kitchen, the knife should be lightweight and comfortable. Otherwise, you might face fatigue. 

Considering the fact, we choose most of our reviewed items from Japan. However, it’s hard to get an excellent Japanese knife in a lower price range. Japanese Knives are expensive.

In the above, I try to give an overview, which is the best kitchen knife. But, in the end, the best knife is the one you feel comfortable working with. 

How to choose a kitchen knife?

The first question you should ask yourself, why do I need a kitchen knife in the first place? It would be easier to find a best kitchen knives under $100. 


This is probably the easiest knife part to choose from. You don’t have to give much thought to the knife handle. Usually, there are three types of knife handle available, wood, plastic, and steel. I prefer the wooden knife handle. 


The blade is the most tricky part to choose from. A wrong selection will end up making your knife buying a terrible decision. First, you need to consider which blade type your want to get. Will it be smooth or dimpled?

The knife size is another crucial aspect to consider. In our review section, most of the kitchen knives are 8.” A professional chef tends to use long knives. But if you are a beginner or amateur, choose something that you would be comfortable with. 

The blade materials: 

There are many types of kitchen knives available in the market. Based on the various requirement, knives come in different sizes and shapes. We will give you a general idea about kitchen knife blade quality and choose a best Kitchen Knife for you.

Kitchen Knife Materials:

When you decide to buy a kitchen knife, first, you need to consider the knife blade’s quality. Knife blades are made with different materials. We try to discuss some of the most widely used knife blade materials. 

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel is less prone to rusting. However, these blades are not entirely rustproof. In stainless steel, the amount of chromium exists less. It helps to keep the edges rust-free for many years to come. 

Carbon Steel:

The low amount of chromium uses in carbon steel, similar to stainless steel. The blade is a combination of manganese. 

High Carbon Blade:

High Carbon blades are more shinny and rustproof compared to other steel. It uses high-grade steel. For a rust-free, more extended experience, it would be better compared to the other two. 


These blades are made from ceramic. Their edges are incredibly sharp and low maintenance. It would be perfect for performing day to day activities such as cutting vegetables or fruits. 

How to use a kitchen knife?

It would help if you chose a good quality knife for your kitchen. It would ease your tension regarding maintenance and any likely accidents.

For better maintenance, you have to understand the details of your knife. Keep in mind, knife hardness lower than 56 HRC requires frequent sharpening. So, before purchasing a kitchen knife, which one do you choose. 

The cutting board in your kitchen should be made of wood. Other cutting boards such as plastic or metal will harm your knife health. The cutting should not be severe; it may impair the capability of your kitchen knife. 

If you set up the kitchen recently or just moved in, choose a professional chef knife. Initially, it can handle all of your cutting requirements. Once you settle down, you can get other knives as per your cutting requirements. 

I recommended getting a chef knife for the emergency. I would not suggest you get a chef knife if you are trying to get knives for different purposes. With a chef knife, you can’t peel vegetables. I have some people who don’t think peeling vegetables a big deal. In this case, you can go for a chef knife. 

How to sharpen a kitchen knife?

There are several ways to sharpen your kitchen knife. You can use many tools. Three methods are standard for sharpening a knife.

  1. Diamond stone
  2. Sharpening Steel
  3. You can take the help of a professional sharpener

The real reason for sharpening is straightforward. Due to friction, the dull knife edge becomes sharp. It brings back the previous working condition. To keep your kitchen knife awake and in workable condition, sharpen your kitchen knife after regular intervals. 

How to maintain your kitchen knife?

For the longevity of a kitchen, it should maintain. The maintenance involves the storage, cleaning, and how you use it.

Once the work of your knife is finished, clean the knife with ringing water. You can use liquid washing and keep a open place to dry it up. Don’t hold your knife with other steel materials. We also advise you to keep your knife away from the dishwasher. It can make your knife dull. 

Most importantly, don’t use your knife on any hard surface. Hard surface damage the sharp edges of a knife. You can use wood or plastic for your cutting board. 

Final Words:

A kitchen knife is the most crucial element in your kitchen. We hope the review article will guide you to choose the best kitchen knives under 100 dollars. 

We try to give all of the possible most frequently asked answers related to kitchen knives. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to comment us. 

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