Does Costco Sell Stamps? [What You Need to Know!]

Does Costco Sell Stamps? Costco’s low prices are partly due to its membership fee. It is how they can sell thousands of products for less than what you would pay if only buying one.

Do you know what’s even better than a discounted price? Saving money! So, can you also purchase stamps from Costco at an outlet rate and get creative with your project ideas this year.

I’ve dug to see if that was possible and found out more in my findings below! However, keep reading to learn more!

Does Costco Sell Stamps in 2021?

If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your package when sending mail, then the answer is yes.

Costco offers First-Class Forever stamps at many locations. These can buy singly or in bundles with 100 pieces priced slightly lower than USPS rates. Additionally, making it an attractive option for those who need their purchases quickly.

Keep reading to learn more about pricing, availability, designs, and other aspects of the job.

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Costco?

The United States Postal Service puts out a stamp called “First-Class Forever.” These stamps are sold in bundles of 100.

Moreover, each bundle contains five booklets with 20 stamps per booklet (of the US flag).

The prices for things at Costco may change. You do not need to worry about missing anything if you have a Costco membership card or an online account.

How Much Can You Save When Buying Stamps From Costco?

When you buy stamps from Costco, the price is such an incredible deal. However it’s often cheaper than what other places charge.

At Costco, you can save a lot of money when it comes to buying stamps. Plus, there’s the bonus that your purchases are forever-lasting and never go up in price!

However, membership is required for purchasing these discounted bundles. Which range anywhere between $0-$60/year (depending on whether you want an individual or family plan).

So be sure not to miss out if this may pique any interest from anyone who might need some extra stationary material at their office desks soon enough.

So, you might think that buying stamps and getting discounts on them would be enough to save money.

But for this plan to work out well with your budget. You must visit Costco often, so they have low-priced merchandise at their store as well!

How to Buy Stamps at Costco: The Only Place You Need to Visit

You can buy stamps from any of the warehouses and not just one. That’s because they sell products in different stores. So it might be beneficial for you to visit more than once if some specific items or brands interest you!

Once I found my local warehouse by using their “Find A Warehouse” tool online (which was easy). I then went straight over when business hours ended upfront counter asking about pricing deals.

They gave me some great information regarding what other products were available. It helped with making an informed decision as well!”

If you want to know whether a Costco near your house stocks stamps before heading in-store. As well as, call Member Services and ask!


Is it possible to buy United States Postal Service (USPS) stamps at Costco? Yes, and they are sold at a discounted price.

In most cases, the only retailer that can offer this service is due because of how much their stamp value outweighs what USPS allows for regular customers!

You’ll find First-Class Forever Stamps bundles containing 100 pieces from your local warehouse.

Still, you cannot purchase them online right now either. So call ahead or contact Member Services before heading there if needed. Otherwise, walk on over.

Thanks for reading this article! Feel free to ask anything.

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