Does Walgreens Have ATMs? [Locations, Fees, Withdraw Limits, Accepted Cards + More]

Does Walgreens Have ATMs? There are Walgreens all over the United States. 78% of Americans live within five miles of a Walgreens.

You could be wondering if all Walgreens locations offer ATMs, so read what I found.

Do Walgreens Have ATMs in 2021?

While not as popular, Walgreens does have ATMs for customers to use. In big cities like New York, you will see many Allpoint and U.S. Bank branded machines to use for banking. It is easier because people can do their banking online now.

However, some areas may still need this option because of population density or other socioeconomic conditions, such as in rural towns.

You’ll find withdrawal limits ranging from $200 – 400 on these types of cash, but be aware that surcharges apply depending upon which bank installed them (with an average fee being about three dollars).

Keep reading to find out more about the numerous ATMs available at Walgreens shops, their fees, and withdrawal restrictions.

What Kind Of ATMs Does Walgreens Have?

Walgreens has a variety of ATMs for you to choose from. U.S. Bank and Allpoint are installed in almost 7,000 Walgreen stores across America, while Pacific Corporation’s CorpPay operates at over 3200 locations nationwide!

U.S. Bank has also established ATMs in Walgreens shops in California and Nevada, intending to expand its presence across the country.

So, if you reside in one of these states, there’s a good chance your local Walgreens has a U.S. Bank ATM.

Please find your nearest Walgreens store using the store locator on their website and call them directly to find out which ATM they have.

Where Can You Find The ATM Inside A Walgreens Store?

With over 1000 locations scattered across America, Walgreens is the pharmacy of choice for many people.

But what if you’re looking to withdraw cash from your account and need some quick access?

Well, luckily, all ATMs inside Walgreen’s stores are conveniently located right near either a register or POS terminal – so head on down!

Do ATMs At Walgreens Charge Fees For Transactions?

If you’re a user of German American Bank, then no However, if your bank isn’t from around these parts of the U.S.

There may be an ATM surcharge fee that varies between $2 and 3.50 based on where in Nevada or California one is located and their card type – credit/debit card vs. checking account!

How Much Money Can You Withdraw From Walgreens ATMs?

Allpoint ATMs allow you to withdraw a maximum of $400 or $200, as well as at least $20.

However, the maximum amount you can take out each day varies by state.


Allpoint are accessible at approximately 7,000 Walgreens shops throughout the United States, with U.S. Bank machines in California and Nevada.

However, their surcharge fee varies between $2 to 3 dollars depending on how much you want to withdraw.

They can withdraw up to 200 dollars maximum per transaction for foreign cardholders only.

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