Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid? (Full Guide)

Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid? Walmart has been called “the world’s greatest retailer.”

It sells everything under the sun, and Walmart Auto Care Centers provide service for your vehicle needs.

With 2,500 centers across America, there are mechanics equipped to handle any job- small or large!

You may be wondering if Walmart ever changes transmission fluid, given that it uses synthetic gear oil. Here is everything that I found from my study.

Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid In 2021?

Walmart’s transmission fluid isn’t touched for a few more years, but luckily you can still get your car serviced at Walmart.

They have an Auto Center where they will check and fill any lower fluids if needed!

Unfortunately, as of 2021, there are no stores that offer transmissions services because it costs too much money ($19). In addition to the cost of oil changes/flushes on their own.

So unless customers want them done elsewhere, such as Pep Boys or Jiffy Lube (both of which charge about half), this bit of info won’t be helpful anymore.

Do you want to learn more about Walmart’s transmission fluid services? Continue reading for more information.

How Much Does It Cost To Refill Transmission Fluid At Walmart?

If you’re looking to top off your transmission fluid, it can be as little as $19 or more, like in some cases.

The price varies depending on what type of oil and where the Walmart facility is located.

However, at least for now, there’s no set cost per liter because they haven’t decided yet how much each customer should pay!

How Long Will Transmission Fluid Refill Take at Walmart?

The answer to the question, “How long will transmission fluid refill take at Walmart?” depends.

The minimum amount of time a vehicle mechanic takes to fix an automobile is 15-30 minutes of your time.

Additionally, these are currently open from 8 am – 6 pm Monday through Saturday. If you want to make an appointment for a specific day or time, call ahead!

Does Walmart Sell Transmission Fluid?

Walmart has some great deals on transmission fluid! You can buy a singular bottle of $4-$60. It depends on the size and quality.

Additionally, they stock many brands, including Castrol, Mobil Honda Valvoline Super Tech LUCAS Mopar Carquest Motorcraft, etc.

Which Transmission Fluid Should I Buy At Walmart?

If you’re looking for the best transmission fluid to fit your car, look no further.

Walmart has a tool that can help with this task and determine what type of product is right for your specific vehicle needs!

You need to fill out this form with your information so that they can give you the right part. You should enter correctly, so Walmart can read it and give it to you.

They also offer chat support if questions are left unanswered after reading up on their website or consulting other resources available online (like manufacturer guides).

In addition, check under the ‘Find The Right Tires & Auto Parts’ bar before buying anything else at Walmart.

Where To Get Transmission Fluid Changed?

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “flush Transmission fluid when changing your transmission.”

The truth is that while most people don’t need to change their fluids if you want a quick and easy alternative, there are many stores around town.

Jiffy Lube has nationwide services with competitive rates on oil changes. In addition, they do also provide another auto service such as tire rotations at no charge!

Meineke offers similar deals, but they don’t have any locations outside NC or SC. That means when people travel, they must spend an extra day driving in the car with someone else.

Kwik Lube will do an oil change and transmission fluid flush if you want the full package.

However, based on their pricing, it can be a lot pricier than Jiffy Lube which offers the same service for $20 cheaper.

Why Do I Need to Change My Transmission Fluid?

Transmission Fluid is an essential substance to help lubricate and cool the moving parts of your transmission.

If you drive in the city, on roads with a lot of stop-and-go traffic, or where you need to carry heavy loads, this fluid will start wearing out.

That could lead to other problems like a broken drive train belt, which would cost even more to fix.

You can go to Walmart for your car’s oil change. They will check if anything needs to be done.


It can cost a lot of money to take care of your car. You could pay from $19.88 for Transmission Fluid Service and Lube at Walmart, but you would not be able to get your car flushed or serviced there.

Thank you for your time and attention. I hope it will assist you in your endeavors.

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