Does Walmart Remove Watch Links? [What You Need to Know!]

Does Walmart Remove Watch Links? As Walmart has become one of the most recognizable names in retail, with over two hundred stores worldwide and countless products that help shoppers save money.

So, a question on your mind might be, “can I get my watch fixed?” You’re not alone- I was curious too!

However, you might be wondering if Walmart offers repair services for your watch.

Walmart has everything you need to live better and save money, so why not get the help when it matters?

Does Walmart Remove Watch Links in 2021?

Who knew that Walmart did something good for one of their customers? Well, in 2021, they stopped the service due to poor demand.

Get watch links removed at your local jewelry counter or purchase a DIY kit from them, including instructions on removing and installing new ones yourself!

Keep reading to learn more about watch repair kits for DIY as well as alternative locations.

What Stores Remove Watch Links?

Why should you get your precious watch fixed? The easiest option is to send your watch to a jeweler or a key-cutting business for cleaning and inspection.

However, most jewelry shops and even key-cutting businesses provide this service.

If they don’t have a specific store for watches in their business area, then ask around.

The reason is prices vary depending on where someone gets it done at – some might only charge $10 or so while others could charge up to $15!

Moreover, if you want to have watch links removed without paying, here are some locations that don’t typically demand money:

  • JCPenney 
  • Macy’s 
  • Kohl’s 
  • Nordstrom
  • Dillard’s

Does Walmart Sell Watch Repair Products?

Watchmakers can purchase watch link pins from Walmart in-store and online.

The store sells watch band holders. They also sell tools for watches with 100 pieces.

These are used to fix broken crown screws or to replace batteries on old watches. The price is low!

How Can I Remove Watch Links at Home?

It’s difficult to remove watch band links by yourself. That is why many people choose to have them done by a professional!

Removing links from a watch at home can be tricky, depending on the type of band you have. These tools are available at Walmart!

For example, round pins require a toolkit designed specifically for their size. Flat bands require special screwdrivers that can only find in stores like Walmart or Target!

You may also want an extra pair if you get lost or break while working on yours!

Can I Buy Watches at Walmart?

At Walmart, you’ll find all the watches a person could need. You can shop for both new and pre-owned watches in-store or online through their website!

If you’re looking to buy designer brands like Calvin Klein or Emporio Armani, then head on to Walmart, where they offer an extensive selection of timepieces.

However, designer brands are expensive. They are good. Walmart has them at low prices too. From top designers at affordable prices too great not to try out.

So check them out today before it’s too late!!


In summary, Walmart is not the place to go if your watch needs adjusting or repairing.

However, they offer a variety of tools that can help with this process in most cases, and there are other companies as well who may be able to take care of it at no cost for you!

Thanks for reading!

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