Does Walmart Resize Rings? [Cost, Sizing, Time, Types + More!]

Does Walmart Resize Rings? Even if you’re looking for something specific, Walmart is likely to have it in stock, including even rings! However, purchasing a ring isn’t always easy.

You’ll also need to think about the ring’s size, as well as the style and price.

You might wonder if Walmart resize rings if you get one that is too big or too little. 

Does Walmart Resize Rings in 2022? 

Does Walmart resize rings in 2021? Yes, they do. However the process is not quick and can take up 3 weeks for them to send it back at their own expense or you could pay $150 per ring if preferred (this price does vary).

Is it true that you can have any ring resized at Walmart? Read on to discover whether Walmart will resize your rings, as well as the cost, time, and other factors.

How Much Does It Cost to Resize a Ring at Walmart?

Resizing a ring can be done at Walmart for between $20 and 150, depending on the complexity.

The price will depend on what you want to change about your jewelry as well as how much it needs changed in order to fit properly after resizing (ring sizes go up too!).

Can I Get Any Ring Resized at Walmart?

While many rings may be sized, not all of them can. Jewelers only resize metal-based ring designs.

In contrast to this there are other materials such as silicone or wood that cannot have their size changed either which means you’ll need another kind of store for those refinements!

If you want to take stones off of your jewelry, then we can help. We don’t mind doing what is best for you.

You should always visit an expert first before taking any irreversible steps on your jewelry concerns, though!

How Long Does Ring Resizing Take at Walmart? 

How long does ring resizing take at Walmart? Depending on the type of band you want resize and how difficult it is for a store employee.

Your wait time can range anywhere from an hour all the way down below ten minutes. 

In any case, no matter what kind of changes you need to make or if the size is wrong, contact a local store within 3 weeks after you go and see one.

Will Walmart Resize Rings From Other Stores?

No, a ring you buy from another shop will not resized by Walmart. They’ll only adjust rings that you bought at Walmart whether in-store or online.

How Can You Measure Your Ring Size at Home?

Do you have a ring that needs resizing but are not sure where to go? Luckily, there is an easy way.

Simply purchase one of the many available tools on Walmart’s website for less than $10 and send it back within 30 days in order to receive credit towards another item or store gift card!

What Types of Rings Does Walmart Sell? 

Walmart has a large selection of rings, including promise rings, diamond rings, men’s rings, and Thomas Sabo rings.

Designer wedding rings are a huge investment, but they can range in price and are frequently very inexpensive. The cheapest rings start at less than $15.

However, in recent years, many of Walmart’s physical shops have eliminated dedicated jewelry departments.

In areas where there wasn’t enough demand for the goods on sale, the company decided to shut down jewelry sections in Walmart stores.

The jewelry is kept on racks and in spinners in stores with no jewelry department.

Wedding cakes are a possibility if you’re planning a wedding and have your rings sorted out. Walmart sells them, if you want to buy.

Walmart also performs diamond engraving and ear piercing. This is a good way to make your wedding day even more exciting.

Finally, if you’re dissatisfied with the quality or size of your Walmart wedding band, read our article on the Walmart jewelry return policy to see whether you’ll be able to receive a refund.


If you buy a ring from Walmart and try to resize it, the company will do it. It won’t change rings made of other substances or if you bought them elsewhere.

If you want to have your ring sized, you must go to a Walmart store and pay between $20 and $150 for the service.

The time it takes to resize your ring at the store varies. The ring will be ready for you to pick up in 3 weeks.

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