How to choose the right fryer?

French fries are a treat for everyone, especially when they are crisp. Given the enthusiasm of people and the growing popularity of these little delicacies, the idea of ​​creating a device for cooking fries has germinated among the manufacturers of household appliances. This machine was specially designed to make its preparation easier. These are actually electric fryers that operate on current.

This equipment is equipped with a tank, a basket with a handle and a cover. Over time, it has been improved, hence the appearance of the first oil-free fryers. This model requires only one spoon of oil for a tour.

History of oil-free fryers

The very first oil-free model was marketed by Seb around 2007. At that time, it was a real revolution in the sector of electric fryers. Since that time, the Actifry series has experienced several improvements taking into account the opinions of consumers. For its part, the Philips brand has entered the race with its AirFyer oil-free fryer using an oil spoon and offers a quick cooking time equivalent to 12 minutes.

How to choose the right fryer

The main criteria for choosing a fryer

In order to guide you in the purchase of this product, here are the main criteria to take into consideration to choose the best fryer that meets your expectations.

First of all, you need to know what type of fryer you are looking for. Is it a conventional fryer, a semi-professional fryer or an oil-friendly fryer? After defining this point, you can go into detail.

The different types of fryers

Classic fryers

Using the pan-frying mode, conventional fryers heat the oil bath with a resistance. In general, they have a cover, with an odor filter and an oil filtration system. This oil-powered model consumes 1.5 liters to 4 liters of oil depending on the capacity of the tank. Its main constraint is that the oil must be filtered after each use. In addition to that, it must be changed after 8 to 10 fries.

  • Semi-professional cold zone fryers

These models have a “cold zone” which is located at the bottom of the tank under the resistance. In fact, the resistance is directly immersed in the oil, which distinguishes it from other fryers. Since the temperature is much lower and more static, the residues that land in the cold zone do not char. As a result, these fryers generate little odor.

Besides that, there is no residue on the fries and the basket. Besides, you can sift this leftover food with a filter. It must be recognized that this system is really very practical, especially for cooking other fried foods such as donuts for example. Then, it is particularly economical because the oil stays healthy longer.

  • Oil-free fryers

It is undoubtedly the fryer of the new generation. This technique is similar to the oven cooking method. These models have recently arrived on the fryer market. Operating only with a few milliliters of oil, cooking is carried out with forced air. It should be noted that this revolution is patented by Seb using Actifry technology. The latter circulates hot air through the tank top and brown the fries.


In this way, they are constantly brewed and cook in a single spoon of oil. This system aims to minimize the maintenance of the device since all of its components are dishwasher safe. To deduce that these fried foods are more dietetic. Admittedly, the fries obtained are less tasty than those immersed in oil, but at least, they are reduced in fat.

Key points to consider

The capacity 

The fryer has been designed for any potential consumer of fries. Therefore, it is available in several sizes. The smaller ones were designed for young couples and roommates living with two or three, while the larger models are intended mainly for large families. That said, the capacity of the fryer is very variable.

The capacity of the basket: in general, there are 150 to 200g of fries per person. However, the capacity of the basket varies from 600g to 2kg. Otherwise, the average size is 1kg, allowing to cook in a single round for 4 people. Regarding the shape of the basket, it can be round or rectangular.

How to choose the right fryer
How to choose the right fryer

Oil capacity: it varies from 1 liter to 5 liters.

In principle, the quantities indicated relate to fresh fries and not to frozen ones. The maximum capacity for 2kg of fresh fries drops to 1.7kg for frozen fries.

The power

The fryer needs sufficient power to be able to extend the oil heating and cooking times. With frozen fries, you need at least 2000W, because the bath will cool suddenly, which requires a rapid rise in temperature.

The weight

The fryer is not heavy compared to other kitchen appliances like the dishwasher for example. In addition to that, it does not emit any sound emissions during its use. In general, the weight of this device varies between 2 to 7 kg maximum, and this, when empty.

Anti-odor systems

Electric fryers contain various filtration systems which must be replaced after a certain time.


  • The activated carbon filter: change every 35 to 50 fryings depending on the model.
  • The anti-odor foam filter: change after 20 fryings.
  • The odor filter: replace every 80 uses, because its anti-odor properties are regenerated each time it is washed in the dishwasher. Remember, however, that odor problems are often linked to poor quality oil, which has not been changed in a long time.

Oil filtration

The oil must be clean and healthy in order to obtain tasty fries. In this context, it is advisable to opt for a semi-pro model where the oil filtration system is done automatically, two hours after cooking. Otherwise, some models have an oil change indicator. In any case, the oil-free Actifry range does not experience this problem.

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