10 Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Carpet- Proven Methods

In-home, there are many pests hinder our comfort. Ants are undoubtedly one of them.
It reproduces quickly. They are everywhere, in your kitchen, home and even on the carpet.

If you are wondering, how to get rid of ants in the carpet or anywhere in your house. We have 10 best home remedies to get rid of ants.

1- The Magic Calk Line

Magic line is the most common and widespread way to get rid of ants. You need to draw a chalk line on the floor or on the area that you want to keep ants away. The line must be located on the route of the ants. It will be impossible to cross the line when it reaches there.

2- Hot Water, Of Course

If this method doesn’t offend you, this could be one of the best solutions and a quick way to get rid of ants. You need hot water to pour the whole nest or the place you want to.

3- Essential Oils, Naturally

Known for the intensity of their scent, essential oils do not only heal. They can also hunt ants. You just have to spray a mixture of half a liter of water, with twenty drops of peppermint and ten drops of sweet almond.

4- Coffee Grounds, A Powerful Product

Once you have identified the places through which the ants pass, pass a good layer of wet coffee grounds. The ants will not take long to move away.

5- The Mixture Of Sugar And Salt

The mixture of sugar and salt is an association with unsuspected virtues
Ants really like sugar, it’s a fact; on the other hand, salt horrifies them. To get rid of them, you just have to add salt to a sweet product. They will be attracted to sugar, but the salt will destroy them.

6- Diatomaceous Earth Powder, A Key Remedy

Diatomaceous earth powder, brown or white, contains very old small algae. It is they who, thanks to their natural properties, are responsible for repelling all ants from afar.

7- Glue, The Smart Trap

If they think they are very clever, the ants will have a hard time anticipating this move from you. Spread glue along a wall or on a floor to prevent ants from going further than this place; the glue will hold them.

8- White Vinegar, A Simple Solution

To keep ants away, you can simply spray white vinegar, pure or diluted with water, in the places frequented by ants. The strong smell will repel them.

9- Lemon, For A Quick Result

The acidity of the lemon is unbearable for ants. So squeeze a lemon in an area of ​​the house that you want to get rid of ants, then leave the peels on the floor. After a few days, there will no longer be this lively ant place.

10- Baking Soda, Base vs. Acid

If ants cannot tolerate external acidity, it is because they already carry acidic substances on them. Make a bait with sugar, and baking soda. Once the ant colonies have been attracted to the sugar, the meeting with the basic compound that is soda will be very unpleasant for them. And you will be rid of them.

Prevent colonization of ants in the garden

If ants tend to climb on your potted plants, consider also drawing a large thick line of chalk on the ground around the pots. This should stop their progress. At the foot of your rose bushes, place half a squeezed and moldy lemon (if so). To be renewed regularly.

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