How to use a pole saw?

Carefully removing the tall branches

When a large branch or a vine must be cut and you cannot reach it from the ground with a pruning saw , you have the choice between three sizes: cut a ladder, use a pole saw or call to a professional.

Let’s review how to use a pole saw safely and effectively to make a clean cut even at 14 feet high. Please, however, first take the warning that working on high wood can be very dangerous.

Precautions when using the scroll saw

Once you start to think about the size of the wood that you cannot reach from the ground, you are entering potentially dangerous territory.

When professional arborists drop a large piece of wood, they use ropes in a pulley system to safely slow its descent to the ground. When you cut branches with pole saws and pruners, you can’t do that; you must let the wood fall out of control. Tall or heavy wood can damage, injure and kill when it falls.

Key Points:

  • Scroll saws are designed to be used on branches up to two inches thick. The thicker the wood, the more dangerous it is and the slower and more tiring it will be to cut.
  • You should not try to drop branches above you until you know the techniques to reduce weight before making a final cut by making preliminary cuts and jumps with your pole tools.
  • Pole saws, especially with extensions that exceed 8 feet, are heavy and tiring to work.
  • Never, never, never work near power lines, or on branches with a part above a power line.

Pole saw size, general technique

  1. Clear a large work area under the branch where you are killing all people and goods and close the area or prevent people from entering. Also, eliminate the risk of falling, such as fallen branches, and note those that you cannot move, such as exposed roots. You must be able to move quickly and safely around your area if there is a problem.
  1. Plan where to cut. Remember that removing a single branch usually requires many preliminary and jump cuts to reduce weight before your final cut. Try making cuts on the horizontal or almost horizontal surfaces of the branch or vine, if you have a choice.
  2. In most cuts, the blade starts from the top of the branch.

Need To Remember

  1. When you jump, the blade will cut under the branch. It will be much more painful physically since you are working against gravity.
  2. Water sprouts, which are vertical, are hard or impossible to cut properly from the ground with a pole saw.
  3. Position the saw. With both hands, bring your pole saw to an upright position and take a break to control its weight. Now reposition the saw at your cutting point, with its weight resting on the branch (unless you are making a jump cut).
  4. Position yourself. While holding the tool, move to a place where you can hold your tip at chest level while standing on the side of the limb, never below. In other words, your pole will be tilted as you cut, not directly up and down. If your pole is adjustable, you may need to lengthen it for this to be possible.
  5. Start cutting with a starting groove. Make the first shots slowly and in control, cutting perpendicular to the branch so that your first shots bite as much as possible, even if the rest of your cut must go in a different direction. The idea is to create a groove in the wood to guide your shots later, faster. On these first shots, your saw will want to slide sideways if the branch is tilted; Wait there. When it slips, stop, gather your energy and reposition the saw before continuing.

Other Points

  1. Continue and finish your cut. Once the saw is securely in the groove, you can increase your running speed. Pole saws, like pruning saws, cut on the pull, helped by gravity. Keep your eye on the branch. Especially as it approaches the drop point, to be ready to back up safely if you need to.
  2. Clean your work area. Eliminate the fallen member out of your work area before starting the next cut. So it does not trip over you.

Other tips for using the scroll saw

  • It is good to decide that you never want to make any type of size that you cannot reach from the ground. You should not worry much about it. you will never need to do if you do not have a major tree on your property.
  • Before using a pole saw for the first time, read all the warnings and make sure it is really a job that you should try yourself.

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