Walmart Firing & Termination Policy (Our Complete Guide and FAQs)

“Walmart Firing & Termination Policy” is a frequently asked question. Many individuals would like to know more about how their employees are treated.

Walmart is a company that values its employees. They have over two million members in the workforce.

They do not hesitate to fire those who don’t fit into Walmart’s culture or work ethic standards of playfulness, friendliness, and kindness towards customers at all times.

As such, they require every single employee to non-disable enough for termination. So as long one can fulfill these requirements, then you’re good on your feet!

What is Walmart’s policy on firings? I’ve done the legwork, and here’s what I discovered.

Walmart Firing & Termination Policy In 2021

In 2021, Walmart updated its termination policy to include firings and layoffs. Walmart offers its employees “at-will” contracts, which means they can be terminated at any time for reasons not discriminatory as long as it is not in violation of their contract.

However, if an employee accumulates more than 5 points within six months, then that person may find themselves unemployed!

Furthermore, keep reading to learn more about why Walmart may fire you. Additionally, Walmart’s employee point system, and how to get rehired at Walmart.

Why Can Walmart Fire Me?

On an “at-will” basis, Walmart hires people and provides employment. It means that the company has virtually limitless power to dismiss any employee without reason as long as termination complies with applicable law.

However, they must give reasonable cause for each dismissal according to discrimination existing within its policy manual.

Although many businesses, such as Walmart, are not permitted to treat employees differently based on race, color. Not only these but also creed, religion, natural origin, physical or mental disability, marital status, or sex (including pregnancy),

What Is Walmart’s Point System for Employees?

To maintain its stores running smoothly, Walmart has a procedure in place that penalizes workers for transgressions.

Employees who score five points in six months can be dismissed from Walmart if their work ethic is poor.

Employees of Walmart may receive rewards for a variety of reasons, including:

  • One point is given to staff members who do not arrive as scheduled (even if they call in sick) if they call in and don’t show up.
  • A 3-point penalty may give for any unexpected absences at Walmart.

Walmart offers a policy where employees who are sick can get paid time off. Employees can also trade shifts if they are feeling sick so that their coworkers can cover for them.

How many points can you get before being fired?

Walmart’s employee point system is a little more complex than other companies’ policies, but it all starts with five.

So, if Walmart has employed an hourly worker for less than six months. They’re limited to four total accrued penalties (a maximum of three if they started service within that period).

However, if you work in my field for six weeks, then you get to keep your job. If the fines you have collected are 10 or less, then all is well.

Is It Difficult to Get Fired from Walmart?

Many people believe that a Walmart career is “comfortably” paid and hard to get fired from, but this is far from the case.

According to the company, Walmart has an extremely tight point system for its workers to ensure that any undesirable behavior is dealt with severely.

Walmart’s customer service is not as good when compare to other stores. Walmart is trying to fix this.

If an employee breaches any workplace agreements, Walmart executives will not hesitate to deduct points from someone’s score.

Previously, Walmart would not allow employees to fire unless they had at least 9 points. Now the number is down to 5.

Can Walmart Fire You Without Telling You?

Can Walmart fire you without telling? Yes, If someone is no longer needed for work, then they can be fired.

If they know this in advance, then they will not be mad when it happens.

While on their flip side, too – both parties have rights according to employment law. So quit slips should always sign legally!

Does Walmart Pay Out PTO When Fired?

Walmart pays out PTO to employees who have been fired. However, the employee must be working for Walmart for at least 1 year before receiving five days of PTO as compensation.

Additionally, there may be slight variations in this policy by state–it’s best not just rely on what I say here!

Will Walmart Rehire Me If I’ve Been Fired?

If you were let go from Walmart, your future might be contingent on the conditions of your departure.

If you left your job at Walmart on good terms for reasons such as family problems or personal circumstances, you’re likely to be rehired.

However, you must wait 90 days before reapplying to your previous Walmart store or opening a new one.

You may be able to claim damages for wrongful termination if you can show that your employer made a faulty decision in light of the information you provided. The facts presented during the investigation.

In addition, it is extremely improbable that Walmart will rehire you. If your reasons for being let go were significant, such as theft, harassment, or assault.

If you were turned down due to work-related problems like delinquency, poor customer service, or tested reasons. You might have to wait six months to a year before reapplying.

Walmart should have also asked you about your performance during your exit interview or departure. Walmart should have informed you if you were eligible to reapply during this session.

Why Can’t Walmart Rehire Me?

If you were dismissed from Walmart for a major reason, you would not be able to apply again.

Theft, fraud, harassment of coworkers or customers, sexual harassment or assault of consumers or other employees, and violence at work are all reasons Walmart and other similar businesses consider serious.

Not only will these concerns prevent you from getting rehired by Walmart. Moreover, they might also result in the prosecution of criminal charges against you.

Even if you steal food or similar objects from Walmart, the statute of limitations allows charges to be filed against you by Walmart up to a year after your resignation.

How Can I Be Rehired at Walmart?

If you’re thinking about getting rehired by Walmart, some steps need to be taken.

Some of them include contacting your former manager or store manager and finding out if they have openings available for people like yourself at their current location(s).


Walmart’s policy for all employees states that any issues that earn staff members 5 points (such as skipping shifts and unauthorized absences) will lead to termination.

Employees need to know that there is a risk involved when they get legal counsel from Walmart. They can get in trouble if their contract says so.

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