Walmart Makeup Return Policy [What You Need to Know]

“Walmart Makeup Return Policy” what is? The Walmart beauty department has everything from skincare to makeup. But what if you need to return something?

I have done my research regarding this. I found that returns for most products are acceptable but with some restrictions!

Here’s all the information on how it works at this store – hope it helps.

Walmart Makeup Return Policy 2021

Walmart makes it easy to return a product if you’re not happy with these product!

With their Makeup Return Policy, Walmart customers can get in touch with any makeup they’ve bought at the store within 90 days.

As well as, exchange for another item or receive a full cash refund.

However, some things don’t qualify, so make sure your items meet all requirements before returning them here:

1) They must unopen product;

2) Customers only receive store credit instead of an Exchange on opened products unless receipts provide proof (this includes blushes/browsers);

3) Only used but intact cosmetic packages count towards returns.

There are a few types of makeup that you can’t return. Read more to find out which ones!

Can You Return Used Cosmetics to Walmart?

No need to pay full price for your makeup! You can return most opened and even used cosmetics as long as you start the returns process within 90 days of receiving them.

Either take it in-person or online through a free service on Walmart’s website – all items must be returned with their original packaging intact (even if unboxed).

What Can makeup not be Returned to Walmart?

You can return any makeup to Walmart, although some products have more strict criteria.

For example, perfumes and nail polish are not eligible for returns if they’ve been opened.

The only exception is that the item must still be in its original packaging – this has less stringent regulations.

The reason is it’s considered hazardous material instead of being restricted by sticker markings like ORM-D (which stands for “Odor Removable”).

You’ll get 90 days from when you purchased an item with odors before we consider denying your refund request!

It’s a good idea to return your product within the specified timeframe if you bought it from Walmart.

For example, airbeds should be used less than 90 days after purchase and computers 30 days or 1 year respectively before returning them for an exchange or refund of money spent on them!

How Will I Receive My Makeup Refund from Walmart?

You will receive your makeup refund from Walmart in several different ways. If you return the product at the register.

It’ll be issued back to whichever card was used for payment originally (as long as there’s no lapse). But if not–you get cash!

And when paying with gift cards instead? Your money either goes onto an original credit card or a new one – depending upon how much we owe each other right now.

How to Return Makeup on the Walmart Website?

If you’ve purchased a makeup item from Walmart, then it’s time for your refund process! 

There are some rare circumstances where customers can still return items after 90 days – not that we would ever recommend doing so.

Exchanges will only be possible if you have availability and can return in-store. Still, online exchanges may also be available for qualified orders placed prior (or while) our sale period ended on Friday at 8 pm EST time!

Can I Return Makeup at Walmart Without a Receipt?

Walmart does not require a receipt when returning makeup at the store. 

However, you must have some form of ID with you for your return exchange or refund request to be processed faster and more efficiently to ensure that all sales are recorded correctly on Walmart’s end too!

If the cosmetic item is under $25 in value, Walmart will give you a cash refund instead of store credit.

Final Words:

There is a chance to return makeup at Walmart! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason.

Whether in-store or online, on the website, we have listed below ( Then, bring back what was bought, and they will refund/exchange it for 90 days.

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