When to Replace Mower Blades- You Need to Know

Undoubtedly, mower blades are one of the vital parts of a lawnmower. A wide range of mower blades is available in the market. According to price and necessity, mower blades differ from one to another. So, when to replace mower blades?

Some blades are capable of sharpening for 4-5 times before going out of service. But mostly cheap mower blades need to replace after a single-use. With a single blade, you can probably mow your garden for a season. Typically doublet durability depends on various factors such as usability and maintenance. 

Many lawnmower users become confused when to replace the mower blades. Factors such as problem signs and blade models indicate when you should replace the mower blade. 

How to be sure lawn blade should be replaced?

A few vital signs indicate your mower blade needs replacement—the most crucial indication when the mower left grass uncut after mowing. However, uncut grass can be due to fast cutting. First, be sure why the grass left uncut. Is it due to blades or anything else?

If your yard is wet, but the mower blade is dry, this is also a possible replacement sign. 

Possible Reasons for Mower Blade Replacement

  • Grass doesn’t cut with precession
  • Some uneven grass left behind
  • Some grass well cut and some are not
  • If you notice rust on your mow blades

For heavy Lawnmowers, blades can be sharpened easily. The professional lawnmower has an inherent feature to sharpen the blades for several uses. But you will not have such an option in small lawnmowers. In this case, you have replaced the lawnmower blades. 

From my personal experience, I can say you if you have an ordinary lawnmower for personal use, replace the mower blade. Otherwise, you might damage some sensitive parts of the lawnmower as you have less knowledge of that. 

How to know if my mower is completely damaged?

If you see sticks, rocks, or anything in your yard after mowing, it indicates blades are damaged. Usually, a healthy blade crushes everything that comes into its path. So, any substance being untouched after cutting means it’s damaged. You need to get a new one for mowing. 

Sometimes you will notice the blades are damaged once you start it. You will hear strange sounds and vibration. If you ever encounter such a situation, stop the lawnmower immediately. Otherwise, it may create a hazard. You are also in great danger of getting injured. Don’t ignore such a healthy sign. 

If you suspect that your mower blades are damaged, give at least 15 minutes to cool it down. (Especially applicable to gasoline lawnmowers).

How to ensure safety while checking the mower blade?

After turning off the lawnmower, keep it for a while. After cooled down, check the blades with great caution. Remember, this inspection can be dangerous sometimes. 

Rules to Follow:

  • Don’t forget to wear gloves. For your eye protection, wear glasses. 
  • Make sure all the power source of lawnmower is disconnected before checking the blades.
  • First, clean all the grass and other substance from the blades. 
  • Clean the blades with a towel. Always be cautious while cleaning the edge. 
  • Find out if the blade has any rust on it. 

When do you need to replace the mower blades immediately?

We discuss all the possible reasons why blades are damaged and how to find out. But here we will explain when you should replace the edge immediately. 

  • Extreme sounds while cutting weeds
  • If you find any crack on the mower blade
  • If you see rust on the mowing blades

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